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Churchill College

Churchill College, which received its Royal Charter in 1960, is the National and Commonwealth memorial to Sir Winston Churchill. It is the embodiment of his vision of how higher education can benefit society in the modern age. Like the 30 other colleges in Cambridge, it is committed to outstanding academic achievement; more than 20 of its members have won the Nobel Prize. While it focuses especially on science, engineering and technology, its teaching and research also reflect the intense interest of Sir Winston himself in the arts and humanities, his own Nobel Prize was for literature. And it builds bridges from academe to business and the professions.

Churchill College is a place of Academic Study and Research throughout the year and, as such, is not compatible with the activities of young people. It is therefore only by exception, and with the permission of the Bursar, that visitors under the age of 18 are permitted. Parents are reminded that they remain responsible for the behaviour of their children at all times, and that they must not allow them to make noise which is to the detriment of those working or leave them unaccompanied whilst in College.

Uniquely amongst the Cambridge Colleges, Churchill was founded specifically to pursue excellence in the teaching and research of science, engineering and technology. This underpins our culture of informality, flexibility and search for continuous improvement. The architecture pays reference to the traditional vernacular of inter-linked courtyards, but the style is decidedly contemporary; the open parkland setting where visitors are free to stroll or play games on the grass is inspiring and relaxing; and the presence of the world famous Churchill Archive Centre offers the chance to supplement traditional conference activities with talks and exhibitions about some of the most significant political leaders of the 20th century.

Churchill occupies a large site on the edge of Cambridge city, some 40 acres close to the University’s expanding science, engineering and mathematics’ departments. Playing fields adjoin the spacious lawns and quiet courts of the College, the buildings of which are faithful to the traditional collegiate pattern and were the first major work of modern architecture in the University - deemed by Pevsner “the best of the new”.

Churchill has excellent facilities for social, cultural and recreational interactions - a vital part of the educational experience. Among them are a large lecture theatre, a functional music centre, elegant halls and galleries, a fitness suite and tennis and squash courts. Other amenities include the Sheppard and Wolfson Flats for family accommodation and the Møller Centre which provides first-class residential and conference facilities for academic and business meetings.

The Churchill Archives Centre houses the papers of Sir Winston Churchill, Baroness Margaret Thatcher and over 600 of their contemporaries - politicians, diplomats, civil servants, military figures, scientists and engineers. It is one of the most important repositories in the world for research into recent history and a unique resource for studying the art of leadership in diverse spheres.

As well as acting as a magnet to scholars, the Centre is developing an extensive outreach programme based on digital technology. Modern, well equipped meeting rooms, an accessible and peaceful parkland setting, and the gravitas of a Cambridge college combine to provide a venue where delegates can work diligently and find space to relax and network with colleagues. Churchill College has been hosting academic and corporate conferences for nearly 50 years, the College is proud of this history and always focuses on the needs of the present and future. It is fully equipped to broadcast conferences to the world through video conferencing and podcasting and many of its rooms have integrated data projection and sound reproduction.

Churchill College Facilities

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